Welcome to the bottom of the food chain, this is where you have largest freedoms despite having an
Jobs 3

Notice that there's no assistant in this group photo. That's how unimportant you are.

ID card with only maintenance access. From just being an assistant you can do whatever you want within your power. Just like the clown, your imagination is your limit. You can start the Tunnel Snakes gang in the maintenance passageways, you can break into the construction rooms and build a palace for your self, or take over the Fitness Room. No one really cares or pays attention to the greysuits, so you can expect to be unnoticeable.

Or you can actually do the meaning of your job by finding someone to assist. There is a slight chance of someone taking you under their wing as their own lackey.

  • You can improve this chance if your character is a woman, especially blonde.

Your DutiesEdit

You have none! Go out into the station and redesign it if you want! Make an amusement park out of the disposal system if you like. No one expects you to do anything important just like the Clown.

Your ToolsEdit

With maintenance access you actually have more places to go to than the other civilian jobs like the chef, barman, librarian, or even a Security Officer. YES you can run away from security by running into maintenance, unless it is the HoS or Detective.

You have
Tool Storage

This is your headquarters.

access to the Tool storage rooms, make sure to get an utility belt for whatever you're planning to do! Also the room beneath the autolathe has insulated gloves in one of the lockers, make sure you are the first to grab them. Most likely, you will be since not many know about that secret.

If you're ever in a pickle, your welder when turned on can be a very lethal weapon, but won't knock out people unless it is turned off.